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Matching Heels With Jeans: 5 Top Tips

It’s easy to quickly change the look of your jeans simply by changing your footwear. Add a pair of pumps or trainers for a laid back, casual look or swap these for a pair of heels for a more sophisticated, stylish image.

However, while there are few rules when it comes to wearing flats with your jeans, when matching heels with jeans there are a few things you need to consider.

While jeans and heels are a great combo, working together to increase height and make legs appear more slender, get it wrong and that stylish look you were aiming for can quickly go the opposite way.

With that in mind, here are five top tips to help you get it right every time!

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Bridal Makeup 2016

Are you thinking of getting married? As well as the bigger things to consider (like your vows and when you’re going to tie the knot), there are lots of little details to see to. Fortunately, those are the fun ones… like choosing your jewellery (did you know you can create an engagement ring rather than picking one off the shelf?), trying on dresses and experimenting with your bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup is a little different to what you’d wear on a normal day – it requires lots of staying power and needs to look good in photographs as well as in person. So, read on to find out what you should be considering for your look in 2016…

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The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

I recently went to visit ‘The World Goes Pop’ exhibition at the Tate Modern. It was fascinating to walk through the bright colored rooms and to take in all of the expressionistic art which was bouncing off the walls. Quite a few artists stood out to me, especially those who were creating activist artworks, or were demonstrating the evils of consumerism. One artist that stood out above all was Keiichi Tanaami, he had created a short film called ‘Crayon Angel’. Something about this film reminded me of ‘The Yellow Submarine’, I guess it was the pop art aspect or the perplexing story-line. However the Crayon Angel almost hypnotized me, its not a film which you would understand the meaning of the first time you watch it, it took a while before I could try to master what the Tanaami was trying to portray to the viewer.

'Crayon Angel' by
‘Crayon Angel’ by Keiichi Tanaami

He created Crayon Angel to represent the American invasion of Japan, both culturally and military wise. Tanaami combines footage of American fighter-jets and explosions, along with old photographs of Japanese families behind a ‘fusuma’ (Sliding doors used to separate spaces within rooms) which can also be interpreted as prison bars. He also added psychedelic characters and superheros from that time. I believe he was trying to exhibit how much of an influence America had on Japan, turning it into a consumerist society.

By Isabella Santamaria

California Rolls

I am absolutely obsessed with Sushi, and I always end up spending at least £10 on 8 pieces. Although I am never guilty of spending that much money on Sushi (it’s worth it), I had to take a more logical approach and to spend my £10 wisely. Therefore I decided to make homemade Sushi, and to save all you other young ladies and gents (from buying expensive luxury Sushi), I want to share this recipe I used with you. It is from a recipe book called “Sushi” published by Parragon.

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