Sunrise Bliss

Sunrise Bliss, the innovative t-shirt towels made from 100% organic cotton which is delicate on the skin and gentle to your hair.

Pam and Christian Colby, owners of Lakeshore Dry Goods, created Sunrise Bliss after Pam read an article about how beneficial using a cotton t-shirt, instead of a terrycloth, was for your hair. They decided to make towels the same way cotton t-shirts are made, however with an added benefit: they are ethical and are made with  GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton.

Once wrapped around your hair, you can use the Sunrise Bliss towels out and about as a fashion piece meanwhile it dries. What is so unique about this towel is that it is soft and absorbs excess water easily. It also minimises frizz and hair breakage because the material is flat, unlike a terrycloth which has grooves that cause friction.

Gradually over time, one will notice the great benefits which it has on your hair, it will be shiny, stronger and less frizzy, especially for those who regularly dye or bleach their hair.

“The soft and absorbent fabric reduces breakage, frizz, tangles and dry time.  Other uses include fitness, travel and camping.  Also, cancer patients going through chemo have found it to be gentle on their body while dealing with skin sensitivity and gentle on their hair as it grows back.” – Pam

Sunrise Bliss t-shirt towels not only comes with great benefits for oneself, but also they come in some beautiful prints and colours created with low-impact dyes.

Fashionable and light, they are perfect for your beach bag this summer. We highly recommend if you are looking for something to add to your self-care routine or simply want to make a more ethical choice when it comes to towels.

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Photo credits: Jaclyn DeLyon