Ellen Grace is creating an ongoing project called Reclaim, where she looks at the difference between ‘Fast and Slow Fashion brands’ through photography, meanwhile exploring Sustainable Fashion.

Her photography have a sense of free spirit and 60s retro vibe to them. As well as  capturing nature, she also combines editorial-like fashion photography and contrasts it with the nature behind, almost as if to imply the importance and beauty of nature, and not a plain white background editorial photographs. She prompts us to think about the connection between the raw materials, such as cotton and wool, that are used to produce our clothes and how fast fashion disconnects us from this. We should respect what nature provides for us by choosing more sustainable clothing brands, rather than unethical brands.

“This is an ongoing project where I am exploring Sustainable Fashion options with an emphasis on “pre-loved” clothing. I’ve been attempting to portray the photographic marketing differences between Fast and Slow Fashion brands through my work’s visual aesthetic.”

Take a look at Ellen Grace’s website for more!