Plume, the all natural and nourishing brow and lash brand, which focuses on not only making you look fabulous but also using natural minerals which nourish and promotes hair grown.

The mission of Plume started when Lauren Bilon had her first child and she suffered from hair loss, she found some products which helped grow her hair back but had negative side effects. Lauren came to the conclusion that to work with Mother Nature in order to create natural, vegan and cruelty-free products, had the most positive outcome.

Lauren partnered with Irene Schnell, a certified Master in Fragrance & Cosmetics science (EFCM) in order to create Enhancing Serum.

“Through the power of women and Mother Nature, Plume Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum was born.”


The Plume Nourish & Define Brow Pomade is soft on the skin, fills in your eyebrows perfectly, and at the same time helps nourish the hair. It lasts all day and stays on very well through the heat. Also not to mention the packaging is very beautiful and simple.

The Enhancing Serum and Pomade are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, hormones and prostaglandins, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, gluten, or toxic ingredients of any kind.

A unique product, with a powerful story and we highly recommend. If you are interested in purchasing Plumes Nourish & Define Brow Pomade head to