Matching Heels With Jeans: 5 Top Tips

It’s easy to quickly change the look of your jeans simply by changing your footwear. Add a pair of pumps or trainers for a laid back, casual look or swap these for a pair of heels for a more sophisticated, stylish image.

However, while there are few rules when it comes to wearing flats with your jeans, when matching heels with jeans there are a few things you need to consider.

While jeans and heels are a great combo, working together to increase height and make legs appear more slender, get it wrong and that stylish look you were aiming for can quickly go the opposite way.

With that in mind, here are five top tips to help you get it right every time!

Tip 1: Skinny or straight cut jeans work best

Choosing the right jeans is incredibly important when you are matching them with heels. Skinny or straight leg that come in at the ankle are best because they are always flattering and can be worn with any type of heel.

These can be high waisted, ripped, black or blue, distressed – the possibilities are endless. Take a look at these ones from Superdry to give you some inspiration.

Tip 2: Turn them up

When wearing jeans with heels an exposed ankle is key to keeping your ankles looking as slim as possible. This gap can be created through rolled or double-cuffed jeans. This is important whether you are wearing chunky ankle boots or delicate kitten heels.

 Tip 3: Avoid flares

It’s best to avoid extreme flares or baggy jeans when you are wearing heels. These make the wearer appear shorter and hide the ankle completely. If you do want to wear these you will want to opt for some killer stilettos or wedges, preferably ones with a chunky base, to balance out the hourglass shape and length of the legs.

 Tip 4: Choose the right shoes

As above, while it’s important to have the right pair of jeans it’s also very important to match them with the right pair of shoes. A sleek and easy way to dress up your jeans is with pointy-toes pumps – black or nude are the classic option, or make a statement with a pop of colour or patterns. Or, for a sexier look, choose a strappy heel – you have plenty of freedom with these, perhaps an understated black pair or a wild pop of colour or prints – but steer clear of patent and shiny fabrics. The only heels you might want to avoid are kitten heels and chunky versions such as wedges; kitten heels are too low to give off the desired look and wedges widen the wearer’s stance.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid of statement shoes! 

The beauty of wearing jeans with your heels is that you don’t have to worry about them clashing. Ultimately your shoes can become the statement piece of your outfit. Think bright bold colours and patterns that will really draw attention to the bottom part of your outfit.

Obviously the jeans and heels that you choose to wear will be down to your own personal preference, but get it right and you can achieve the perfect look for both day and evening.