ICA – Bloomberg New Contemporaries

“The ICA is delighted to welcome back Bloomberg New Contemporaries to its galleries the sixth year running. Selectors Hurvin Anderson, Jessie Flood-Paddock and Simon Starling have chosen works by 37 of the most outstanding artists emerging from UK art schools from a record number of applicants…

…This year the themes of gender, labour, value and consumption are present in the final selection, as well as an interest in process, the act of making, materiality and modes of production…

…Bloomberg New Contemporaries is the leading UK organisation supporting emergent art practice from British art schools. Since 1949 New Contemporaries has consistently provided a critical platform for final year undergraduates, postgraduates and artists one year out of postgraduate study, primarily by means of an annual, nationally-touring exhibition. Independent of place and democratic to the core, Bloomberg New Contemporaries is open to all. Participants are selected by a panel comprising influential artists and art figures, often including artists who themselves have previously been a part of New Contemporaries. This rigorous selection process considers the work within a broad cultural context.”

The following are the artworks which most appealed to me.

Shadow with Object by Hanqing Ma & Mona Yoo
‘Shadow with Object’ by Hanqing Ma & Mona Yoo


"No One is One but Only One of" by Pandora Lavender
‘No One is One but Only One of’ by Pandora Lavender


"Herm #0714" by Neal Rock
‘Herm #0714’ by Neal Rock


'The Centre' by Aaron Wells
‘The Centre’ by Aaron Wells


"I'm a boy, get it?" by Mandy Niewöhner
“I’m a boy, get it?” by Mandy Niewöhner


'ICA Floor, ft. Shoes' by Isabella Santamaria
‘ICA Floor, ft. Shoes’ by Isabella Santamaria


Photos by Isabella Santamaria