Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics, a makeup brand with bamboo zero waste packaging, a conscious beauty ethos and cruelty-free natural cosmetic products.

All of Elates packaging is made from bamboo, that it is self-regenerating, which means everytime that a part of the bamboo tree is cut, it is able to regrow again annually.  What is so great about having the packaging in bamboo is that it is so much more sturdy, and you are able to refill when the products run out. In addition to this, when you receive a refill from Elate it is enclosed in a seed paper, which you can wet, plant and water!

Elate cosmetics focuses on conscious beauty. A beauty which is within in the body and mind. Self-care should be reflected in the products which one chooses and how we feel once we use it. They provide quality cosmetic products which not only perform beautifully on the skin but is also made with care and kindness, and with the added benefit of taking care of our Earth.

“Intentional, purposeful, ritual. For many of us, putting on makeup is an automatic act, a routine. At Elate Cosmetics, we believe everyday routine becomes ritual when the action is more meaningful than the outcome. We believe true beauty is in the ritual itself. The small measures of self-care we afford ourselves daily are the seeds of self-love we plant to grow more confident, more powerful and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.”- Elate Cosmetics

The Elate Essential Mascara is long wear and will hold up throughout the day without smudging, the pigmentation of the black is strong, and works well for those who have short or long eyelashes. Paired with their Vibrant Lipstick, which is creamy and comes in an array of bold colours, it is perfect to use out and about. It does not dry out your lips, which is a plus! However, just like any classic lipstick, you will need to touch up throughout the day.

They have an array of beautifully pigmented colours in their Eyeshadow and Lipsticks collections, which you can have fun with and feel bold in.

The Flushed Pressed Cheek Colour is light wear and radiant on the skin, wonderful to use if you want to add a soft blush to your skin, with the slight shimmer which is added it catches the light and makes you glow.

Elate Cosmetics is redefining beauty and if you want to be bolder with your makeup choices, but also ethical and support a conscious beauty brand then Elate Cosmetics is where it’s at! If you would like to check out Elate Cosmetic products, head to elatebeauty.com