Editor’s Pick Of The Week 2


This is my number 2 editor’s pick of the week. Sorry its late, but here are my obsessions!









1. Faux & Fabulous False Eyelashes by Bourjois Paris

Bourjois Paris just relased a new false eyelash line called Faux & Fabulous. In this new line there are 5 diffrent themed eyelashes: Rock Chic, Smoky Eyes, Lady in Black and More Volume. For the fifth design -Miss Couture, Bourjois had collaborated with Paperself (I recently wrote a artical for Paperself in beauty page).

Sublime Magazine received the Faux & Fabulous, Smoky Eyes in the post but when I saw them I wanted them! So I stole them and tried them on. My lashes look really long and it added volume! Its super easy to put them on and take off.





2.READY Bronzer by Bare Minerals

READY Bronzer is my favourite bronzer, why? Because it gives you that natural tanned look. If you place it on from your cheek bones down to your cheeks it gives you that chiselled look.

Bare Minerals

















Fashion Week ’12

London Fashion week is coming up! 14 Th.-18th September, my favorite time of the year!

Get yourself’s moving and register online at London Fashion Week  don’t miss out!




I am a singer / actress / performer. I am Paloma Faith.


A captivating chanteuse, a rabble-rousing entertainer and theatrical fashion chameleon, Faith’s debut album, ‘Do You Want the Truth, or Something Beautiful?’ remains a glossy collection of retro-referencing soul and sassy pop.

From the brass-blasted stomp of ‘Stone Cold Sober’, to the epic sweep of her biggest chart hit ‘New York’, the record went on to sell over half a million copies, earning Faith a nomination for Best British Female at the Brit Awards and the honour of closing the 2011 ceremony singing with Cee-Lo Green. At the behest of Chaka Khan, Faith performed ‘I’m Every Woman’ in front of 50,000 people and earned plaudits from Annie Lennox, who selected Faith join her onstage in support of International Women’s Day.

So much more than just a standard pop artist, one of this 26-year-old’s greatest assets is her wicked and wry sense of humour, she’s outspoken and unafraid: she has an opinion. As an artist she pulls from a wide range of sources, her experiences diverse. With a degree in contemporary dance and a Masters in Time Based Arts from Central St Martin’s, Faith is tri-lingual (English, Italian, and conversational Spanish), and a talented actress to boot (she played the romantic foil to Tom Waits’ Devil in the Terry Gilliam’s ‘The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus’). You’re as likely to find Faith on the red carpet or on the fashion front row as judging London’s Next Top Tranny at the local working men’s club.

Now as Faith flips the page and writes the next chapter of her story, this Hackney-born girl is keen to express a new level of intimacy with her music. That’s not to say she lost any of her sartorial and performance panache, but Faith’s focus is on her songwriting. On her new, second album ‘Fall To Grace’, she’s made the decision to strip herself emotionally bare.

Editor of Teen Sublime comments: “I love Paloma! Her lyrics is beautiful poetry and they explain her background and what she goes through. She is such a inspiration to me and her style is amazing, I love the way she dresses!”

Don’t forget to purchase or listen to her new album “Fall To Grace”

Visit Paloma’s website to find out more info.


Editor’s Pick Of The Week

From now on every week, I the editor and chief of Teen Sublime blog, will post something called “Editors Pick Of The Week”. This post will contain stuff that I love to bits in my life and that I use/go to almost everyday. This could be anything from a bracelet to a coffee shop. I will post every Fridays…Hope you readers enjoy this!







1. Sheer Tint by The Organic Pharmacy

I love this foundation because the colour gives you a natural glow, it is also a light and thin mixture and does not give you that ‘fake’ look after you apply it. Your skin looks bright and moisturised after using it.

The Organic Pharmacy















2. Pot Rouge by 100% Pure

I am a big fan of the ‘Pot Rouge’ from 100% Pure, purely because of the cute little pot. You can carry this emergency rouge any where with you, and reapply when you need to! The colour I use in ‘Baby Pink’ you can apply it under your eyebrows, on your cheekbones to give you that extra blush to your face.

100% Pure


5 Ways to Wear Creepers

Five ways to…Wear Creepers.
As with most fashion trends, Creepers have made a comeback and have rocked into the fashion world with a hit. With ‘ASOS’ and ‘Office’ being big distributers of the style, fashion icons have started to pick up on the trend.
 They were first worn in World War 2 by soldiers due to their hardwearing soles. They were given the title of ‘Brothel’ as after soldiers left the army they wore creepers in nightspots over London.
They were then made famous again in the 1950s by The Teddy Boys who styled them with drainpipe trousers and electric blue clothing.

Recently they have made a return on the catwalk seeming as popular as they over five decades ago. They have a hardwearing sole so they won’t need to be chucked after a few days of being worn. I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear creepers using the trends of this season. It’s a great way to be ethical as you can make one item so versatile.


Pastel coloring such as warm corals, powder blues or sea greens are a real must for your wardrobes this summer. They can either be worn to soften a dark outfit or you could just wear pastel for a summery look.
Here I wore a pastel green vest top H&M, powder blue skinny jeans Topshop, light brown leather bag Aldo, cross necklace with blue beading Topshop and Paisley Sunglasses Portobello Market.


Bralets are only for the brave but can look great if you wear them right and confidently. Only for the hot days or the beach and we can’t expect to look as good as Rihanna in one but still…
Here I wore my creepers with a denim acid wash bralet Topshop, vintage cardigan Portobello, black cords H&M, flowery satchel Primark and white frilly socks ASOS.


Pleats are a sophisticated yet fashionable look and you can wear them down by wearing with the creepers. Perfect for summer evenings or day time picnics.
Here I wore a white shirt Gilly Hicks, hand-knitted jumper knitted by my friend Paige’s mum, pleated skirt (originally maxi but I shortened it Topshop, brown satchel market in Thailand, flower ring ASOS and chain necklace Topshop. Looks best with bright make-up (I wore coral nail varnish – Maybelline)


The biker look is certainly one of my favorites which never seems to go out of fashion. Creepers work so well with the trend as it adds to the rockiness of the leather and darkness of the outfit.
I wore a black vest Topshop, panel leggings Ebay, leather jacket Topshop, studded bag Ebay.


This is more of a general trend for summer. I love this jumpsuit as it’s versatile and can either be worn during the day or night depending on how you choose to accessorise. Here I’ve shown how to work it in for evenings.
I wore a coral jumpsuit Topshop, pony-skin bag Topshop and flowery sunglasses Portobello market.
I only do five looks but I can ensure you the possibilities are endless, skater dresses, denim shorts …
By Jess Foster- Fashion Writer

Ethical Fashion

It all started when our school announced that there would be a fashion show in aid of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. The title was “The Tales of the Unexpected”. This fired the imagination of girls throughout the school. My friends (Eve, Inayah and Emily) and me immediately decided to go to the first meeting and find out more. By around mid- January Emily and I started to create our dress, meanwhile the other half of our group made another. The inspiration for our dress was to depict a knitting kit. We included balls of different coloured wool, assorted buttons to line the neck and knitting needles.

Eve is Spanish and she found inspiration in her heritage. Inayah and Eve made a beautiful, red, Spanish style dress, decorated with black flowers.

Eve and Emily were to model the dresses. The dresses took about four months to complete but of course it couldn’t be done without our mums and grandmas who were equipped with years of experience in haberdashery. When summer was approaching and our schedules were opening up, the chief editor of Teen sublime (Isabella Santamaria who is a very good friend of mine) asked us if she could use our dresses in her online blog.

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to put my passion for writing and photography to the
test. Emily and Eve were also eager to try modelling and they both seemed perfect for the job. On the 8th of July the whole team came together and we busied ourselves with make-up, hair, lighting and location for the official fashion shoot. We were all nervous as it was our first time at being involved in something so important. Emily and Eve were worried about modelling and I was worried about how effective my photography skills would be. However everything knitted together perfectly and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We would like to thank Isabella for giving us the opportunity to bring out our creative sides and our

parents for helping and supporting us.





BARK Jewels

BARK is a British made jewellery brand created by Miwako Yoshioka who was born in Japan and raised in Europe.

She has always had a passion for working with her hands and creating beautiful little things so it was only natural that she went on train herself as a jewellery designer.

Her collection was first snapped up by shops in London and Tokyo in 2003 while she was still studying jewellery and silversmithing at Sir John Cass University in London. After completing her studies, she showed her first official collection at Paris fashion week in 2005.

Although Miwako’s collections encompass different themes every season, nostalgic quality is a consistent feature. She often takes inspirations from childhood memories and quirky little objects that she is drawn to on the streets of London. Carefully chosen materials such as 1920’s buttons and beads, heart/star shaped semi-precious beads are also beautiful features of her collection, making it absolutely unique and desirable.

Being a trained jeweller, quality and craftsmanship to her are as important as good design. Every single piece is meticulously hand-crafted in her London workshop; keeping it from becoming a mass-produced object and highlighting the delicates and intimacy of each piece.

Having come a long way since her early days of toying with the dream of creating beautiful things, Miwako has turned her passion in to a career and continues to be excited by her creations, still involving herself 100% in the production of her jewellery.


Green People

Gentle Cleanse

Size: 50ml and 200ml

Price: £9.95 and £16.95

Chamomile, marshmallow and aloe vera.
2 in 1 organic cleanser: make-up remover and face wash
For all skin types

Want to liberate your skin from pollutants and impurities? Purify with beautiful Gentle Cleanse.

Formulated to balance, nourish and moisturise
Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties
Rich, sensual aroma from pure plant sources
Suitable for areas of sensitive skin and safely removes eye make-up (including waterproof mascara)
This natural skin care product is made without Parabens, Lanolin, ethyl alcohol, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates and colourants to bring you the purest cleanser that nature can offer.

Certified with the Organic Food Federation

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians


Paperself Eyelashes

“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust               “It’s unique and different. Everyone envy’s you if you wear it.”- Teen Sublime

Paperself is a platform for the innovative exploration of paper for contemporary product design.
Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, paper has enabled the world to communicate. It has bought continents closer together, educated millions and for centuries has provided a canvas for creation, experimentation and the realisation of ideas. Paper is everywhere and now it is evolving into a new dimension.
Launched in 2009 by London based designer Chunwei Liao, Paperself unites artists, designers and manufacturers from East to West. Challenging conventions of product design, Paperself offers a stylish alternative in furniture, homeware and accessories for eco-conscious living.
Paperself is fast gaining recognition for its inventive adaptations, having exhibited at numerous trade fairs and design forums across the globe, as well as being featured in some of the top international publications and online media. Continuing to expand and evolve, Paperself looks to the future, seeking out new talent, transcending traditions and promoting the perception of paper through new eyes.

This is the beginning of a paper revolution.





Teen Street Wear

Looking into different styles of teen girls in 2012 

Teen Sublime went looking around London to find unique styles that teens started in 2012!




Classic Style

A another normal day

Different Cultures

Rock Climbing

Movie Night Out


American Sweetheart




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