California Rolls

I am absolutely obsessed with Sushi, and I always end up spending at least £10 on 8 pieces. Although I am never guilty of spending that much money on Sushi (it’s worth it), I had to take a more logical approach and to spend my £10 wisely. Therefore I decided to make homemade Sushi, and to save all you other young ladies and gents (from buying expensive luxury Sushi), I want to share this recipe I used with you. It is from a recipe book called “Sushi” published by Parragon.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that poolside slippers with socks are the most inexcusable fashion choice of the century. False. This Spring/Summer of  2014 has pulled the trend out of the 90’s and thrown it back into the limelight, baffling fashion magazine readers and writers everywhere are knocking “the return of the Jelly Sandal” out of the playing field. Continue reading POOLSIDE SLIPPERS – SHOULD WE TAKE THE PLUNGE?

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